Fabrication Products

Specializing in stainless steel piping systems, Felker Fabrication stands apart from the rest. While other fabricators purchase some or all of their piping components, Felker Fabrication utilizes pipe, tube, fittings, flanges and accessories manufactured in our facilities. No other American pipe fabricator has a wider variety of stainless steel piping products available. The advantages of manufacturing our materials are passed on to our customers:

  • No middle man mark-up on components
  • Extensive pipe, fitting, flange and accessory inventories
  • Raw materials are purchased mill direct for competitive pricing
  • Consistent quality of fit-up, weldability and appearance

Felker Fabrication's uniqueness doesn't end with the manufacturing of our own piping components. Other distinctive advantages our customers enjoy include:

  • A quality system certified to ISO 9001
  • Extruded outlet capabilities through 10" NPS
  • Handle up to 16' diameters and 140,000 pounds
  • Welders are ASME certified
  • State of the art automated welding that saves time and money

Look to Felker Fabrication for all your stainless steel piping system requirements, dependability you can rely on time and time again.